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Band Announcement

When In Rome Stipulated InjunctionWe are delighted to announce that after 2 years of litigation, a settlement agreement has been completed with the original singers of When In Rome, Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann. Clive and Andrew have acknowledged our legitimate ownership of the trademark When In Rome, but in the best interests of all parties we have agreed that moving forward we will be recording and performing as When In Rome II whilst they will perform as Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann, original members of When In Rome UK.

We wish Clive and Andrew every success and now look forward to releasing our new album in the coming months and a busy 2015 performing live.

The Promise 2.0

Finally, after 25 years, we decided to give The Promise a face lift. It’s a different interpretation which we felt highlighted the emotional qualities of the original song with a more organic approach.

The Promise Returns

Michael and John are putting the finishing touches to a brand new version of The Promise. After rave reviews from their live performances, Michael and John decided to record the new version. Featuring Chris Willett on drums, the track will be mixed by the legendary Warren Huart, who also co-produced and mixed the bands new album. The Promise will be available as a bonus track with the release of the new album, scheduled for a January release.

When In Rome win Labor Commission case against former agent and drummer

When In Rome have been successful in their Labor Commission case against former agent Bobby Juarez of The Boss Booking Agency. The California Labor Commission ruled that Juarez was acting as an agent whilst unlicensed and ordered him to repay all commissions he had taken from the band allowable under the statute of limitations. The hearing concluded that Juarez acted illegally in charging commissions. Juarez, a  former touring drummer for When In Rome, is also facing pending legal action for trademark infringement for forming another version of When In Rome after he left the band acrimoniously.