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The real story of how The Promise was written

I was recently asked by a fan at one of our shows about how the song that we are best known for, The Promise came about.  I’m sure I’ve written about how the song was written before, but in light of recent events, and to set the record straight, I will reveal the true and only account.

After all I was there.

The song was written at a small studio located at the back of original member,  Clive Farrington’s parents house.  It was a simple setup.  An Emulator drum machine, Roland SH 101 bass synth with a primitive sequencer and a couple of synths whose brand  I can’t recall .  At the time I wrote all the music for the band and used to work on ideas in the studio after my day job.  One night I started to work on an idea after I found a drum pattern that had been programmed a few days earlier.  I programmed a bass sequence into the  SH 101 and then began working around the chord progression and a melody.  At some point that evening Clive Farrington joined me and liked what he heard.  He recorded the vocals over the track and it was basically finished.  Nearly all of the original lyrics and melodies made it onto the record.  We did re-demo the song later and it was then that I wrote the piano intro.  Andrew Mann wrote the lyrics for the second verse and when we recorded the final version in the studio, it was almost identical to the second demo.  Our producer on the album, Ben Rogan, had us record an organic version with a 20 plus piece orchestra, but it lacked the vibe of the demo so, to Ben’s eternal credit, he agreed that we should re-record the demo version and that is the version that became the hit.

I guess the message is, if it works, don’t mess with it.  


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